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LTD-41Y LED module light

LTD-41Y LED module light


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the design of the LED Surface Mount Module / Grille led light heads is specifically geared towards giving the customer options. We offer the choice Apollo optics, the quantity of LEDs per module, the strength of the LED which can range from 1 watt or 3 watt LEDs, and mounting brackets for options. All of this was created to help you, the user, maintain proper and efficient lighting on your vehicle. Thanks to the LED technology these units utilize, you can run the units for hours without having to worry about your battery. Completely sealed and coated, the LED Modules are completely waterproof, vibration-resistant, and protected from any ingress caused by the environment. The modules are also coated to make them rust-resistant, and anti-corrosion, allowing them to be mounted outside of the vehicle, as well as interior mounts.

 Generation 4 LED surface mount lighthead
 Weather and vibration resistant
 Self-contained 22 patterns
 Alternating or simultaneous flashing
 4 wires for simple set-up - 1 pos, 1 Neg, 1 sync and 1 pattern
 Voltage: 12-24 VDC
 4 3watt LED elements
 Average current draw: 500mA@12.8 VDC
 Max current draw: 700mA@12.8 VDC